In response to Built by Civilization's Design Lecture Series in Seattle 2020 welcoming renowned designers such as Irma Boom to the Seattle Central Library, this sequence of conceptual posters apply type hierarchy, color theory, and text as graphical elements to highlight this public resource.

Modular straightforward design with clear san serif, information is spatially laid out. High contrast. Emphasis on "Free." Inspired by Swiss grids.

This layout uses a grid and dividing lines to separate information, the when&where can be found in one area. Thin stylized strokes and diagonal lines adds dynamism and matches minimalist typeface.

Last out of three b&w designs, this one imitates a page out of a book, centralizing the bulleted information and applies invisible serifs.

In this 30 - 10 - 3 poster, colors draw in attention from a distance. This style represents the overlay that IRMA BOOM herself uses in books, and would conceptually be feasible and ideal to screen-print on card stock, hence the color multiply of blue on red.

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